Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tourism Indonesia ( song beauty tourism)

bransia channel

Greeting to you indonesia
The scattering islands carved the equator
Chained from Sabang to Marauke
The legendary beauty of Indonesia nature
The lakes decorate the islands and the hills
The beauty of Bali Island has millions of feel
The three-color lake and its glorious echoes
fantastic marine to the everlasting snow
The sun on a morning bright day…
The scent of multicolored flowers relieved
The birds continuously sing
The voices of river in Nusantara
Unstoppable, I praise your beauty
Can’t help falling in love with you
Like jewel that covers the earth
Carved in my brain
Cooled my soul, calmed my heart
You are the rhythm, you are my tour song
Vocal: Intan
Music : Bransony
Com.: Dr. Ramli Sitanggang

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