Sunday, August 9, 2009

Indonesia's rich culture

If the view from the culture of both the amount, type and quality of dance, chanson, clothing, food and favorite Wisman on the hospitality of the local community attitudes can be adjusted. Compared with the 60 developed countries in the world, of which only 10 countries that have a dance, and the tune is a dance that was created French writer 'Victor Hugo'. Clothes are the most widely held by only 3 countries, and is the most popular clothing Paris. Only 18 other countries are sufficient, because the food is presented in cotage simple. There are the 22 countries that offer the amenity and the 35 countries that rely maskot and the 13 countries that offer natural beauty. While for the region indonesia own dance can be art that comes from hundreds of tribes in which each tribe has a special dance. This means that here, from all the countries of the world, this area has a type of dance and more diverse. Similarly from the clothes, the tribe of the Indonesian people have a variety of racial types that can be modified to become a popular clothing and basic food types are easily affordable prices, so it is very easy to adjust the taste.
If you find aspects of the layout of Indonesia's rich natural geographical originally so, from the 'Lake Toba, to the Jaya Wijaya mountain range with snow abadinya potential to become one of the tour. For, in about 20 areas that are potential can be used as a place of tourism and domestic tourism for foreigners. All the potential tourist objects to be depicted song you Greeting Indonesia.

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